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Mayfair escorts gallery at Kensington Babes escort agency detailing all our sexy escorts who are available for incalls in this area of London. Call today to book your incall tryst with one of our beautiful escorts in Mayfair.

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Most notable for its expensive property and exclusive boutiques Mayfair has always been a playground for the rich and affluent in the city. Since its inception more than 200 years ago Mayfair has been created specifically to provide a London retreat for those families of affluence and wealth. Our gorgeous Mayfair escorts are the type of women who fit into this area perfectly. They are not only glamorous and elegant but they are also refined, sophisticated and graceful. Our Mayfair escorts are the cream of the crop and these ladies are the perfect companions to spend time with in the area.

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Beautiful Mayfair escorts

If you have a social event to attend and are in need of some beautiful exclusive company then our Mayfair escorts will be the perfect choice. Our escorts in Mayfair are happy to entertain gentlemen at their own homes in the area and offer a discreet and high class service befitting the location but we also have plenty of beautiful Mayfair escorts who can come and visit clients who are staying in the upmarket hotels in Mayfair.

Such is the exclusivity of the beautiful area that the original May faire, from where the area gained its name, was re-sited to another part of London as the locals felt that it was not befitting the feel of the area. The Burlington arcade is a temple to luxury goods and people travel from all over the world to shop here for those simply must have items. Bars and clubs in the area cater to a wide range of people and are not just for the rich and privileged.

You can enjoy a quiet drink at the Dorchester on one day and then go wild at Mahiki the next. The diverse mix of fun and frivolity is reflected in our galleries of beautiful Mayfair escorts. Why not make a date with any of our escorts in Mayfair and treat yourself top the most divine encounter you could possibly hope to enjoy anywhere in London. As with everything in Mayfair – you only ever get the very best and this is exactly the same with our beautiful Mayfair escorts.

High class escorts

With such a wonderful choice of bars and restaurants, all with the emphasis on refinement and exclusivity, Mayfair is certainly the place to enjoy a night out with any of our high class Mayfair escorts. Of course that is not to say that there are not just as many excellent choices elsewhere in London, however in Mayfair there is a certain added excellence and sumptuousness that simply cannot be emulated anywhere else in the world.

Dinner dates with our escorts in Mayfair

For diners with escorts in Mayfair there is a certain expectation as to the ambience and overall experience the venue provides. It is not enough to simply present deliciously gourmet dishes to guests the venue, décor, atmosphere, staff and even the aroma have to be exactly right in order to qualify as a popular restaurant in Mayfair. Standards are of course very high, as they must be, given the social status of the typical clientele in this part of high class London. Every detail is noticed and judged including the demeanour and presentation of the servers which is why clients can, and should, expect to enjoy an exquisite experience, if an expensive one at any of the local restaurants.

Mayfair is where many of the award winning chefs and even the celebrity chefs have their flagship restaurants. Reputations can be launched and indeed broken in this part of London as clients can be extremely influential as to the future success or not of the brands they endorse. So whether you are a regular businessman or an International star, the treatment you receive at a Mayfair restaurant is always of the highest regard to your pleasure. Indeed the reception you receive from your chosen companion or escorts in Mayfair is always that of a very important person, as that is exactly what you are!

Mayfair London

The trip advisor website is a great place to visit to find restaurants in Mayfair, London which have an excellent reputation however given the fact that our stunning VIP London escorts regularly dine out in this area of London, our recommendations are based on our own experiences and whether the restaurant has the right ambience for the type of encounter you are seeking.

There are many restaurants which are suited to lunchtime trysts and business encounters. Thee do tend to have a different feel to those you may prefer to frequent in the evening. If you are enjoying a diner date with any of our Mayfair escorts then you will want to set the right tone for the evening ahead and set the standard you wish to continue long after you have left the venue. Conversation must be able to flow and the setting should have at least a little romance so that you can connect on a more intimate level from the start. Great food, a great setting and a great companion is the winning combination to a sensational encounter once you are alone either back at your home or your hotel in London.

Mayfair escort

The choice in the styles of restaurants is as varied as your choice in beautiful Mayfair escort. Why not taste authentic Italian cuisine at ‘Mercante’ at London Park Lane hotel. A swanky affair, you can enjoy and savour the rich tastes of the region with not a hint of spaghetti or pizza in sight! This wonderfully aromatic restaurant is situated opposite Green Park and whilst it is a vibrant and easy going venue during the day, it takes on a whole new sense of intimacy in the evening.

If you want to enjoy a taste of the exotic, and who doesn’t?, then why not try Momo in W1. A seductive Moroccan restaurant with authentic North African cuisine it leans more towards a Mediterranean accent with sumptuous menu choices all blended to enhance the overall appeal of the experience. A sexy and intimate setting, attentive waiting staff will pander to your every need and nuance setting the perfect scene for the main event with your chosen Mayfair escort. Indeed if you want to keep the exotic feel going then of course you can choose the most suitable companion to spend the evening with you as our galleries are filled with exceptionally seductive stunners for your delight. This is the restaurant where you can enjoy the fusion of North African seduction with European splendour and experience a tryst like nothing you have ever enjoyed before.

Of course being Mayfair there are a plethora of high quality French and International influences in various restaurants and our team have some experience of most of the local venues. We are always on hand to offer advice and assistance in whatever way will enhance your overall enjoyment of your time with our elite Mayfair escort.

Spa dates

Why spa dates? To enjoy a romantic and relaxing encounter with our Mayfair escorts does not always have to involve food. There are a number of elite and exclusive spas in Mayfair which welcome guests and encourage them to enjoy rejuvenating and revitalising treatments as a couple. Couples massage, spa pools and bubbling private hot tubs make for a wonderful setting to enliven the senses. Many of the spas located in Mayfair are attached to the top hotels and if you are already staying in any of these then it is only a short distance to your hotel room and absolute privacy. A Spa date offers a form of escapism from the everyday hustle and bustle in the city.

For that single hour it can seem as if time has stood still and you have stepped off of that frantic treadmill of work and stress. This is the ideal way in which to prepare yourself for a sensual and seductive encounter with our Mayfair escorts and leave you open to all sorts of pleasures that you  may not have been open to trying before.

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