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It might sound like a strange thing to have to announce but at Kensington babes high class London escort agency we have a gallery which includes many British escorts in London. To those who are local to the area, you will have realised that there has been an influx of other escorts to all agencies in the UK. This has extended beyond London and now it can be quite difficult to enjoy an encounter with a local beauty who shares the same sense of humour and open minded personality. here you will find our british escorts with whom you can enjoy a date in the city.

We like to think that those of us who live in London are extremely busy people with no time to waste on things we are not 100% sure of. We are open minded and keen to embrace new things however some men prefer to spend time with ladies of a shared culture that they feel they share a common bond with so we simply ensure that whatever type of escort a client wants to spend time with, he can find her in the galleries of our elite London escort agency. At Kensington babes High Class agency we understand that part of the excitement is bonding and creating a rapport with the escort of your choice. You must be able to communicate on levels other than just conversation, innuendo, double meanings and just simply throwing a compliment can be lost on those who are not in the same mindset. Whilst many of these European escorts are indeed extremely beautiful, some clients want something much more than that – an entire experience that will stay with them forever and therefore we have found that a date with a local British escort or at least a lady from the local area is sometimes what is needed.

When you visit our gallery you will see that we do also have ladies who could be seen as more exotic however for gentlemen who like to stay with what they know and trust, we have some gorgeous British escorts who think the same way that you do.

Our British escort girls are extremely down to earth and just as elegant as their Eastern European counterparts. They are very beautiful but it is their personalities that are the most attractive and sensual part. To enjoy a date with a British beauty is to already be halfway there before you even start. There is a union from the beginning in the same way that we tend to be drawn to other Brits on holiday and so when we want to enjoy an intimate date it is understandable that some of our gentlemen clients in London and indeed those who visit from other countries would prefer to enjoy the company of a British escort or an English escort perhaps to feel a sense of a shared bond or a common connection.

One could be accused of pandering to the ‘little Britain’ mentality however this is not the case, just a sense of understanding and companionship that is required in order to fully feel comfortable with your date in your most intimate and vulnerable moments. Many escort agencies do not take this into consideration. They just aim to fill their galleries to bursting levels without a thought for what their clients really want. At Kensington babes High Class agency we always look to please our clients in all ways possible so if you feel you should have your needs put above everything else then give us a call and we will try to help as much as we can.